St John of God Hauora Trust values all feedback and complaints about the care and services we provide to help us continuously improve.

Feedback and Complaints

Complaints should initially be made to our caregivers or Managers at your local service or the Regional Manager. If you consider your complaint has not been resolved, please contact:

Sarah Hillier, Chief Executive Officer, St John of God Hauora Trust
189 Peterborough St, Christchurch
Email: [email protected]

You can also choose to escalate your complaint to the New Zealand Ministry of Health or the Health and Disability Commissioner's Officer.

New Zealand Ministry of Health

Tel: 0800 373 664
Email: [email protected]

New Zealand Health and Disability Commissioner’s Officer

Tel: 0800 11 22 33

Your Health Rights

The Code establishes the rights of consumers, and the obligations and duties of health care providers to comply with the Code. It is a regulation under the Health and Disability Commissioner Act and includes:

  • the right to be treated with respect
  • the right to freedom from discrimination, coercion, harassment, and exploitation
  • the right to dignity and independence
  • the right to services of an appropriate standard
  • the right to effective communication
  • the right to be fully informed
  • the right to make an informed choice and give informed consent
  • the right to support
  • rights in respect of teaching or research
  • the right to complain.

For more information visit the Health and Disability Commissioner website.