Music Therapy Week

Each day of the week, music therapy sessions take place at the Granada Centre, at St John of God Halswell, reaching many of the tangata whaikaha who access our support and services. 

The team at Southern Music Therapy work with many different people, from clients who are in their Rehabilitation journey at the Granada Centre, or those in the community, to working individually and in small groups with some of the long-term residents.

Southern Music Therapy is a private practice the runs out of the two Music Therapy clinical spaces in the Granada Centre. All therapists have Masters degrees in Music Therapy, with future study as neurological Music Therapists. Their services include:

  • Individual sessions
  • Group sessions
  • Adapted Music sessions
  • Telehealth Sessions
  • Workshops and Professional Development

Music therapy support can take many different forms, as each person we work with is unique. Because of the way that music is processed in the brain, sharing neural pathways with speech, movement, and cognition, music can be used to help people who have experienced brain injury or a stroke to achieve their functional goals. At the Granada Centre, therapists work with those who have aphasia, and therefore find it challenging to speak, people who are relearning to walk, and those who are retraining their brain’s executive functioning.

We also work with people to help extend their movements and physical coordination, support people with loss and grief, and change of identify.

For example in our sessions, we witness musical expression and communication for those who are unable to communicate in other ways and create ways for those with limited mobility to access instrumental play. Connections are formed through musical experiences, and sometimes music is used to help with regulation. In small groups, interactions with others are seen through singing, musical experiences, and movement – interactions which are not always frequent throughout the week.

Many of our clients use a variety of funding sources including ACC, individualised funding, enabling good lives, carer support and others to support session fees. Speak with your case manager if you would like to assess your ability to engage with music therapy.

During Music Therapy Week on Tuesday 16thApril, SMT will host a FREE Open Music Therapy Group for all St John of God Halswell and Granada Centre clients.

Go to to discover more about Southern Music Therapy or use their referral form.