Accessible Tiny Home Project seeks community feedback

The Menzshed Halswell is seeking community feedback on its Accessible Tiny Home Project in partnership with St John of God Hauora Trust.

The Menzshed Halswell initiative will create a space where someone in a wheelchair can live independently through use of adaptive technology and good design. The project aims to deliver an affordable housing option so people can live independently in their own home.

The Menzshed commenced the building phase of the tiny home in February 2024, and has completed the build to close in stage. The project received significant support from Mitre 10 MEGA Hornby, Steel & Tube, ENZELL, as well as voluntary support from Menzshed members and a licenced builder.

The project is based at St John of God Halswell, a residential care and support service in Canterbury. The organisation supports people living with physical and neurological disability to lead engaging and fulfilling lives.

Mark Anderson, Facility Support Manager, said the project is seeking feedback from the disability community to explore accessible technology solutions.

“We’re really keen to go to the community and ask what are the challenges that you have. With the Accessible Tiny Home project we’re looking to showcase alternatives or solutions that could be adopted in community or residential care settings.”

The tiny home aims to incorporate the latest smart home design and assistive technology to create independence for people living with disabilities. Planned features for the tiny home include a ceiling hoist, wet area bathroom, accessible kitchen and smart home features and assistive technology.

The Accessible Tiny Home survey is available online at